Luca Brasi, an enforcer for Don Corleone


Vito Corleone, The Don of the Corleone's


An enforcer trying to bribe a Police Sergeant

There are certain ranks in the world of Organized crime.

These are the followng ranks:


Is an unofficial member who is trying to make his bones,

and wants to become an Associate,or at least rise up and become an accepted member.

Mostly they will go with a Soldato or an Associate to carry out some jobs,such as Aldo Trapanii went together with Associate Monk Malone and Soldato Paulie Gatto

to beat up some college boys.

When they made there bones they will become an enforcer.


An Enforcer is an unofficial title of someone who must 'manage the streets'.

Responsible for handling disloyal shop owners, enforcing people that do not go along with the family bussiness, and representing the family on the streets.

As they do there job well and confront many people, they maybe become Associate.


An Associate is a non-official member who is trusted, but not yet 'made'.

They mostly assist Soldato's in carrying out tasks such as hits or extortion.

Some are operating on their own and report to soldiers, others might be called to get a job from a Capo

such as Marty "Monk" Malone, who reported to Soldato Paulie Gatto,

but they can also be racket bosses or shop keepers.


This is the first official rank in the Mafioso, being promoted by the underboss or the Don himself.

He pledges the oath of the Omerta, and is a real member who operates under a capo,

getting appointments ranging from hits to guard duty,

or they might be operating on their own running bussinesses together with Associate's.


A capo is one of the 2 or 3 captains who each have their own regime or crew,

consisting of 3 to 8 soldiers.

He gets orders from either the consigliere, or the underboss who spoke in private with the don who gave orders,

but sometimes they get the orders directly from the Don.

Then he gives appointments to his Soldiers, who in their turn pass it down to Associate's,

or sometimes gives orders in person to an Associate or Enforcer.


The Underboss is the second man in charge, directly beneath the Don.

He speaks together with the don and the consigliere about the bussiness and passes it down to the capo's.

They are usually the one's who succeed the Don,or take over the lead when the Don is ill, or in prison.

He is also of course, in charge of the capo's.


The consigliere is the Don's advisor.

Together with the underboss, he talks about the decisions they make for the family,

and sometimes give orders to enforcers or associate's speaking for the Don.


The Don is the crime family's boss.

He gets a piece in all of the action and has nearly absolute power.

He gives the orders together with the consigliere and underboss to the capo's.


Corleone Capo Salvatore Tessio giving orders to an Associate called Aldo Trapani.